Brittany Costanza

Brittany is a REAL local; born and raised in Tampa Bay Area.

Her experience includes new construction as her family was a high end local builder during her childhood. She worked in the family business as a new home model attendant. She has been consulting with home buyers in finding their dream homes for her entire career. She dually licensed in both Florida and Michigan where her family has moved their business.

Brittany’s passion is people and service. She always goes above and beyond her client’s expectations that coupled with her intense local market knowledge makes her invaluable in your real estate transactions.

Britany’s personal passions are: Home renovations, restorations and rehabs, wine enthusiast, theater and the arts, travel, beaches, and her loved ones.

Her personality is fun loving and high spirted but don’t let that fool you she will be a bulldog in your negotiations. Her determination to help you reach your real estate goals is just in his blood.